Have you ever stopped to notice,
When you go to peoples homes,
That the dust upon their Bible,
Was really starting to grow.

Why put out a Bible you never stop and read?
What's the sense in that,
And really what's the need?
People can tell a book that's often read,
By the pages all turned back.
Or pages marked with paper,
To remind you where you're at.
A Bible sitting on a table,
Just to impress your guest.
Is not what the Lord intended,
When you He has so richly blessed.

My Bible has a lot upon it,
But dust you'll never find.
For it holds the words of Jesus,
And gives me peace of mind.

Its pages stained with teardrops,
You often can find there,
As I read how Jesus loves me,
And see how much he cares.

So if dust is growing on your Bible,
Pick it up and dust it off.
Then try reading the promise inside it,
And your soul will never be lost.
It tells of all the streets of gold,
That someday I hope to walk.
And a river of living water,
Where with Jesus I plan to talk.

So please start reading your Bible,
At least just once a day,
And give your heart to Jesus,
Then trust Him to guide your way.

Author:   "Unknown"

Song by Willie Nelson

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