When Paul met the Lord on Damascus Road
He never was the same again
When Peter met the Lord He left his boat
And started fishing for men
But one thing I can truly say
When I met the Lord and made Him my choice
He definitely made a change

He made a change
He made a change in the way that I'm walking
He made a change
He made a change in the way that I'm talking
Old things pass away, behold everything's new
He made a change
He made a change in the life that I'm living
I'm born again, set free, finally forgiven
If He can make a change in me, He can make a change in you

Well, well, well I've seen some old friends shaking their heads
'Cause they never thought they'd see the day
When a sinner like me would praise the Lord
Or bow my head to pray
Well, I'm not what I used to be
You see my life has been rearranged
Well there's nothing that I've done, but I have found Someone
Who definitely made a change

 Song by: Ernie Haase
Song title: He made a Change
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