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Appreciate every single thing you have till the End
All things God given and especially your friends
Life is too short and friends are too few
But know Jesus is the one Friend who loves YOU!
Much too often, people gripe and complain
Thinking that they have far too much rain
It's not the rain amount that drags one down
It's how we accept the rain and seek the crown.


No man is exempt from the storms-of-life
No man escapes life's pain, stress and strife
Jesus, himself endured the ultimate pain
So we can have eternal life and live again.
God does not want us to wallow in our many sorrows
Accept them, Change them and live for the tomorrows
Life on earth is short if man lives to be old
Shoot for Eternal life and make it your goal.
If we miss Heaven, we've missed it all
Jesus waits to catch your every fall
Only He can lift all the trials of this life
Only He can wipe away burdens and strife.


What are you waiting for? Ask of Him today
He is waiting patiently to hear you say--
Come into my life and take all my pain
Trust in God, consider it done to live again.
It's called having a little Faith and a strong belief
In the One who already knows all our sorrows and grief
Folks, Come now unto Jesus and open your heart's door
To live abundantly here and live life again FOREVERMORE!

--©2001Mary Joyce Scott/Beaty--06/15/09
Used with permission  

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Author: Mary Joyce Scott/Beaty
Poem title: Forevermore
Song Title: I Got Peace Like A River
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