The Salute

The marching band was passing by;
Each marcher stepped in beat.
They played Stars and Stripes Forever,
Which made the crowd stand to its feet.
The honor guard carried
with much pride
Fifty American flags
waving in the wind
While onlookers with hands on hearts
Stood tall and, broadly grinned.
And on the curb, a frail, hunched man
Looked through teary eyes of old.
His shaky hand slowly lifted to his head
But his salute was crisp and bold.
His thoughts were of another time
When the world was at war
and full of strife—
A young man in his uniform
took gun in hand
And pledged to protect freedom
with his life.
Victory was won under
the red, white and blue
And although just simple cloth,
Each fiber that is woven
throughout our flag
Stands for a life that bravely fought.
The old man finished his salute of love
And slowly turned to leave the crowd
When a voice nearby softly said,
"Thank you, sir,
For helping to keep
our flag flying proud."
By Victoria Koscielniak Twarog

Source:  Good Old days


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